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News February 4, 2022

Footwear Winter Ready

Getting outside and bracing the elements is really good for us, there's nothing better than getting wrapped up and venturing out,  however this time of year the paths are often riddled with slippery, squelchy mud and as we weave the multiple puddl...

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News February 4, 2022

Effortless Styling

Although winter doesn't appeal to everyone, there is nothing better than layering up your cosy knitwear and throwing on a pair of reliable boots. JOSEF SEIBEL footwear is created using a combination of high-quality materials and hand-crafted eleme...

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News February 4, 2022

Reach 10,000 Steps

Walking is a fantastic exercise that has numerous of health benefits for both the body and mind. There are so many ways we can increase the number of steps we walk each day. It's not only enjoyable and good for us, it's completely free! Walking 10...

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News February 4, 2022

Embrace the Elements

The one thing you can bank on, now the clocks have changed, is plenty of rainy days ahead until spring has sprung. But don’t let this news leave you feeling glum, or avoid going out and spoil your plans, as JOSEF SEIBEL has you covered with a fant...

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News November 12, 2021

Getting a bootiful fit...

Buying a new pair of boots is always exciting, who doesn’t like browsing for their next pair of comfort. However sometimes we are so overwhelmed and excited about how they will make us look, that we forget the important stuff. Having a good-f...

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News November 9, 2021

Lowering Our Footprint

With COP26 currently taking place in Glasgow, climate change is quite rightly dominating the media agenda. We wanted to take the opportunity to share what we are doing as a company to lessen our footprint as a footwear designer and manufacturer. A...

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News October 17, 2021

As Tough As New Boots

One thing's for sure, we can't do anything about the weather. But we can be weather-ready with well-made footwear designed to withstand whatever we have in store this winter! Investing in a pair of boots that are tough and hard wearing, but offer ...

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News October 10, 2021

Walking for Wellness

Today is World Mental Health Day, which raises issues of mental health and promotes support for those affected around the globe.  Over the past couple of years, many of us have become advocates of walking as a means to improve wellness and it’s ea...

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News October 3, 2021

Autumn Footwear

And all of a sudden, Autumn arrives on our doorstep. There’s a new crispness in the early morning air, with more mellow evenings and nature’s colours starting to turn. A new calendar season brings a new footwear one too and drum roll…the first cha...

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News September 26, 2021

The perfect style for a new normal

Some fashion experts are declaring a post pandemic end of office dressing. In reality though, work styling has been gradually getting more informal for some time. At Josef Seibel we’ve always been about creating comfortable and stylish footwear th...

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News September 23, 2021


With the schools back after the long summer holidays, for those without little ones in tow, September is a great month for a UK break. Our towns, cities, parks, coastlines and beaches will be far less hectic than of late and we're keeping our fing...

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News September 5, 2021


September is one of our favourite months. The start of a new season both in nature and footwear, with an array of beautiful colours to enjoy! Whether or not you have children returning to school for a new school year, September always feels like a...

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