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Recent research from leading consumer analyst, Mintel, showed that in the past year flat footwear for women outsold heels for the first time with 37% purchasing flat shoes, with 33% buying heels. The trend was even more prevalent with those over 35; of those 35-44 almost half 48% opted for flat shoes over 30% who chose heels.
It's a trend that has been gaining ground for a couple of years since Victoria Beckham, a former disciple of sky scraping heels, was spotted working a YSL lace up monochrome brogue back in 2014.
So why the change?
At this point we should probably declare that at Josef Seibel we have always been passionate devotees of flat footwear as they are so much healthier for your feet and body and offer supreme comfort. 
Surely, however, it's a triumph of common sense and practicality, while if not feminist in motivation, then certainly empowering for women who no longer have to suffer tottering around in painful heels as they go about their daily routine.
The widespread embracing of flat footwear in its many forms, means it now looks slightly out-of-place to see a woman commuting, on the school run, or shopping in a supermarket in impossible heels.
The flat is finally getting the attention and personality it deserves with slippers, sneakers and mannish brogues and loafers for women, treated to embellishment and exciting material or colour treatment. No longer do women need to choose style over comfort, or vice versa - we can have it all and that is something to celebrate!
So how to pull off the trend? Below are some of the highlights from the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection from Josef Seibel which ideally complement the season's clothing direction and heralds the return of the flat!
Are you a fan of the flat, or resolutely committed to heels?