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One of the best New Year's resolutions we can think of is to look after your feet more. We ask a lot of them after-all!

Here are Josef Seibel’s top tips for healthy feet:

•When purchasing new shoes go in the afternoon, when feet are a little larger, as feet tend to swell during the day. Feet should be properly measured and shoes should always be the correct size for your feet.

•When not in use, keep shoes stored in a dry environment and allow them to air regularly.

•Feet should be washed at least once a day in luke warm soapy water and dried thoroughly. 

•If you like to wear heels, keep them to a sensible height (one to two inches) and, ideally, they should not be worn every day. Embellished flats or coloured patent boots make just as much impact as a stiletto heel, but without putting extra pressure on the foot, or the 'ouch' factor! 

•Regular pedicures are a great way to keep your feet healthy. Keep nails trimmed, cut them straight across and use proper nail scissors or clippers. Removal of hard skin should be done with a pumice stone or a foot file.

•Cream should be applied to feet to keep them well moisturised, but not in between the toes.

•Opt for cotton based socks which will let feet breathe.

•Inspect your feet regularly for any problems and seek medical attention for any ongoing foot problems and feet that are in pain.

•Remember to opt for shoes that fit well and offer both comfort and style. 
Josef Seibel shoes are breathable and anti-bacterial, without compromising on style. The brand’s unique Air Ped® system offers a shock absorption system which ensures happier, less tired feet.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018!