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Where does our love of sandals come from?...

The sandal, with its sole held to the foot by a configuration of straps, is one of the earliest footwear designs, originating from hot climates where our ancient ancestors needed some underfoot protection.

From these humble beginnings, sandals have been worn throughout history by all levels of society in almost all worldwide cultures and have been made of almost every type of material including leather, fabrics, straw, metal and wood.

The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Roman’s named various styles of flat and boot sandals and the name itself comes from the Latin word ‘Sandalium’.

The true birth of the fashion sandal however, originates from early 20th century beach fashion and the 1930s heeled leather and silk sandals which perfectly complemented flowing evening gowns.  In World War II leather was rationed, but sandals made from much less leather than shoes, were available without ration coupons.

European’s led the way in sandals for men during the 1950s, but it was the pared down styling of the 1960s and consideration of comfort and foot health in sandal design for both women and men that led the way to the modern sandals from companies, such as Josef Seibel, that we see today.

Josef Seibel sandals are a modern incarnation; made from carefully sourced natural leathers or high performance technical materials for the utmost flexibility. The brand's summer 2019 range has a sandal design to suit everyone. Here is a selection of what is on offer, many now in the Josef Seibel summer sale! We think the Greeks would be impressed…

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